Emirates Gold Benefits (2024)

1. Membership Tiers | About Emirates Skywards | Emirates United States

  • As a Gold member you have access to all Blue and Silver tier membership benefits as well as 75% bonus Skywards Miles on Emirates and flydubai flights, and ...

  • Join Emirates Skywards and enjoy a new level of privileges as you go up the Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers.

2. Membership Benefits | About Emirates Skywards | Emirates United States

  • Travel and lifestyle privileges, exciting moments and memorable experiences. Have it all with Emirates Skywards.

3. The Different Tiers Of Emirates' Skywards Program - Simple Flying

  • Nov 18, 2023 · The benefits · 100% bonus Skywards miles · Dedicated or first class check-in at all airports · Access to Emirates' First Class Lounge in Dubai and ...

  • With three tiers, Skywards has plenty of benefits at each level.

4. Emirates Skywards Gold frequent flyer guide [2024] - Executive Traveller

  • In addition to all the benefits of Skywards Silver, your Gold card headlines with lounge access plus check-in at business class counters worldwide – including ...

  • Gold status in Emirates’ Skywards is undoubtedly the ‘sweet spot’ in terms of the many useful benefits it provides.

5. Emirates Skywards | Frequently Asked Questions

6. The complete guide to the Emirates Skywards loyalty program

  • Jul 20, 2023 · Gold: 50,000 tier miles or 50 flights; Platinum: 150,000 tier miles and take at least one qualifying flight in business or first class. All ...

  • Here's everything you need to know to maximize your earning and redemptions through the Emirates Skywards loyalty program.

7. Skywards Black Credit Card | Emirates Islamic

  • Enjoy fast-track to Emirates Skywards Gold Membership, the best Skywards Miles earn rates and a range of exclusive benefits & privileges on the best travel ...

  • The best Skywards Miles earn rates and a range of exclusive benefits & privileges on the best travel credit card.

8. Emirates Skywards Program Rules

  • Gold and Platinum Members (based upon their Membership Tier on the day of travel) may be entitled to complimentary Emirates lounge and/or flydubai lounge access ...

  • Learn about the terms and conditions behind Emirates Skywards membership eligibility, benefits, offers and more.

9. Emirates Skywards: What to Know - NerdWallet

  • Aug 22, 2023 · Perks: Instant Gold status for a year, no foreign transaction fees, Priority Pass Select lounge access, fee waiver for Global Entry or TSA ...

  • With numerous ways to earn and redeem, even the cost-conscious traveler can enjoy the luxury offered by Emirates — you just have to play your miles right.

10. Emirates Skywards Loyalty Program Guide - CNBC

  • Gold · Earn 50,000 Tier Miles or take 50 qualifying flights · All Silver-level benefits · 75% miles bonus when flying with Emirates · Guaranteed economy seats on ...

  • Emirates Skywards miles can be redeemed for a wide variety of flights and getting the miles to book those awards is easier than you think.

11. Emirates Skywards Premium World Elite Mastercard - Apply Today!

  • Benefits · Receive 25% savings when you Buy or Gift Miles. Receive a 25% savings when you Buy Skywards Miles for yourself or Gift Miles. · Complimentary online ...

  • Enjoy Emirates Skywards Gold tier membership during your first year, and earn 70,000 bonus Skywards Miles after spending $3,000 on purchases in the first 90 days.

12. Emirates - losing Gold tier benefits question - FlyerTalk Forums

  • Sep 19, 2023 · Yes, during your 2 months 'grace' period you will get all Gold benefits, including the Gold miles bonus. In my case, I was also given an extra ...

  • Emirates | Skywards - Emirates - losing Gold tier benefits question - So I'm currently a Skywards Gold member and I've just booked flights in Dec/Jan 2024 for myself and my husband (Blue tier). Problem is I've just realised my tier review is the end of Sept and I'll almost definitely be downgraded to Silver. My

13. Emirates Skywards Credit Card from Barclays | Emirates United States

  • Emirates Skywards Premium World Elite Mastercard · Emirates Skywards Gold tier membership during your first year · 70,000 new cardholder bonus Miles · 10,000 ...

  • Get closer to your dream destination with Emirates Skywards Mastercard. Earn bonus Skywards Miles, and enjoy the benefits of a higher tier membership. Apply Now.

14. Emirates Skywards: The Ultimate Guide - Forbes

  • Feb 27, 2024 · Gold, 75%. Platinum, 100%. Elite status with Emirates comes with additional benefits, as well. ... Emirates Skywards miles to fly on any of ...

  • Emirates is one of the flagship airline carriers of the United Arab Emirates. Serving over 130 destinations around the globe, Emirates is one of the world’s premier airlines. The airline gets its exclusive reputation due to its world-class product and service. Not only is Emirates economy class a

15. Emirates Skywards loyalty program benefits - PointCheckout

  • Aug 30, 2019 · All the benefits of Blue, Silver and Gold plus: · 75% bonus Skywards Miles on flydubai flights · Additional 20kg checked the baggage allowance ...

  • All that you need to know about Emirates Skywards loyalty program, from how to register, upgrade your tier, earn points, and how to spend points smartly!

Emirates Gold Benefits (2024)


What are the benefits of being Emirates Gold member? ›

Emirates Skywards Gold members travelling on Qantas‑operated flights will have access to:
  • Business Class check‑in.
  • 16kg additional baggage allowance (on weight concept routes only)
  • Qantas International Business Class Lounges and Qantas Club Domestic Lounges.
  • Priority boarding.
  • Priority baggage delivery.

How to retain Emirates Gold status? ›

Attaining Skywards Gold leaves you one rung short of the top of Emirates' loyalty ladder. Once reaching Gold, the clock on another membership year resets to zero and you need to earn another 50,000 Tier Miles or complete 50 flights within that time to maintain your Gold membership for another year.

How to get Gold membership in Emirates? ›

To reach Gold membership, you need to collect 50,000 Tier Miles (or take 50 qualifying flights). To reach Platinum membership, you need to collect 150,000 Tier Miles and at least one qualifying flight* in First Class or Business Class.

What is Emirates Gold status? ›

As a Gold member you have access to all Blue and Silver tier membership benefits as well as 75% bonus Skywards Miles on Emirates and flydubai flights, and complimentary Economy Class seat selection for you and passengers in your booking.

Can Emirates Gold members use the lounge? ›

Gold members can enjoy complimentary entry to Emirates Business Class Lounges in Dubai and worldwide, and can bring along one guest. Silver members can enjoy complimentary entry to Emirates Business Class Lounges in Dubai for themselves only.

Can Emirates Gold use Qantas Lounge? ›

As an Emirates Skywards Platinum or Gold member, or First Class or Business Class passenger, you can enjoy Emirates Lounges and Qantas Lounges across Australia, Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

Will Emirates extend Gold status? ›

Extending tier status

Emirates Skywards Silver and Gold members with a tier review date prior to 31 December 2021, will have their current tier status extended by an additional 12 months.

How much is 50,000 Emirates miles worth? ›

How much are 50,000 Emirates miles worth? 50,000 Emirates miles are worth about $300. How much are 80,000 Emirates miles worth? 80,000 Emirates miles are worth about $480.

Can I buy Tier miles Emirates online? ›

The Skywards Programme Rules strictly prohibit the purchase of Miles and Reward tickets through unauthorized channels.

How do I get free Lounge on Emirates? ›

​​​​​​​Emirates Lounge access is exclusive to customers flying in First Class or Business Class. If you're an Emirates Skywards Gold member traveling in Economy Class, you can enjoy access to our Business Class Lounges around the globe; Silver members can enter our Business Class Lounges in Dubai.

Do Tier miles expire in Emirates? ›

Tier Miles expire about one year from the month you earn them—which could be anywhere from 12 to 13 months. Once you qualify for status, the clock resets, and you'll have up to an additional 13 months to meet the requirements to maintain or achieve higher status.

Can fly Dubai use Emirates Lounge? ›

Emirates Skywards Platinum and Gold members can enjoy complimentary entry to Emirates Lounges when they travel on flydubai flights.

Is it worth buying Emirates miles? ›

Buying miles might be worth it if you need extra miles to cover an award flight with great value. Bear in mind that there are times when the Skywards program offers bonus miles, such as through targeted email offers. For example, a brief promotional offer in September 2022 offered 35% bonus miles.

Can I transfer Emirates points to family? ›

If you can't quite reach a particular reward, transfer your Skywards Miles to family or friends so you can combine them in one account and make your Miles go further. You can transfer Miles at a cost of USD 15 per 1,000 Miles and you can transfer up to a maximum of 50,000 in a year.

Can I add my wife to my Emirates Skywards account? ›

Who can I invite to join My Family? You can invite any members of your immediate family to join. If they're not already Emirates Skywards members, they'll just need to register first before you can add them.

What is the baggage allowance for Emirates Gold Card? ›

6. Tier Benefits and Privileges
Additional Checked Baggage Allowance by Membership Tier
Gold1 piece of 23kg1 piece of 32kg
Platinum1 piece of 23kg1 piece of 32kg
1 more row

What are the benefits of Emirates membership in Dubai? ›

Enjoy Emirates Skywards benefits

Earn bonus Miles every time you fly, use our Business Class check‑in desks when flying Economy Class, and enjoy lounge access, extra baggage allowance and priority baggage delivery when you land.

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