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Monkey Greegrees are a unique and essential item in the game, allowing players to transform into various forms of monkeys. These transformations play a crucial role in navigating through Ape Atoll, an island that is dangerous and hostile to humans but friendly to monkeys. The ability to turn into a monkey is not just a novel feature but a strategic tool used to complete specific quests, access restricted areas, and interact with the island’s inhabitants safely.

There are several types of Monkey Greegrees, each corresponding to different monkey forms, such as the standard Monkey Greegree, Ninja Monkey Greegree, Gorilla Greegree, and others. These various forms are required to accomplish different tasks on Ape Atoll. For example, some areas may only be accessible or navigable as a certain type of monkey. The process of obtaining these greegrees involves collecting specific monkey bones or parts and transforming them into a greegree with the help of an NPC named Zooknock.

Table of Contents

Monkey Greegree Prerequisites

To embark on the journey of making Monkey Greegrees, players must meet several prerequisites and quest requirements. These prerequisites ensure that players are adequately prepared for the challenges they will face on Ape Atoll and the complexities of obtaining and using the Monkey Greegrees.

  1. Quest Requirements:
    • Monkey Madness I: Players must have at least started the Monkey Madness I quest. This quest is pivotal as it introduces players to Ape Atoll and the concept of the Monkey Greegree. Completion of this quest is essential for gaining initial access to the island and the ability to transform into a monkey.
    • Monkey Madness II (Optional): For access to additional types of greegrees and enhanced capabilities, having completed or progressed in Monkey Madness II is beneficial. This sequel quest provides further depth to the storyline and additional challenges.
  2. Combat Gear and Skills:
    • Players need to be prepared for combat as obtaining the bones for the greegrees involves defeating various monkeys and gorillas on Ape Atoll. The combat levels of these creatures range from moderate to high, with some capable of healing themselves or dealing significant damage. Therefore, having a suitable combat level and gear is essential. The exact requirements can vary depending on the type of monkey bones needed.
  3. Inventory Requirements:
    • Monkey Talisman: This item is crucial for making a Monkey Greegree. Players can obtain the talisman from the monkey child on Ape Atoll or, if they have completed Monkey Madness II, directly from Zooknock.
    • Monkey Bones or Parts: Depending on the type of Monkey Greegree desired, players must collect specific monkey bones or parts. These can range from standard monkey bones to specific parts like gorilla bones or a monkey skull.
    • Other Essentials: Depending on the player’s progress in the game and specific needs, additional items such as food, potions, and teleportation methods may be necessary to navigate Ape Atoll and its dungeons.
  4. Access Requirements:
    • Western Provinces Diary (Hard): Completion of this diary is not mandatory but offers benefits that can simplify the process of obtaining some types of greegrees.
    • Specific Locations: Knowledge of and access to certain areas within Ape Atoll and its dungeons are required. This includes the temple where gorillas are fought, the dungeon for zombie monkeys, and specific platforms or areas for ninja monkeys.

Preparation for Monkey Greegrees

Required Items and Equipment

Combat Gear:

  • Magic Gear: Since magic can be a high-hitting option, bringing magic equipment is recommended, especially for those with higher magic levels.
  • Armor: Good armor is necessary for the combat encounters on Ape Atoll, including against various monkeys and gorillas. The specific type of armor can depend on the combat strategy (melee, ranged, or magic) you plan to use.

Inventory Essentials:

  • Monkey Speak Amulet and Monkey Greegree: These items are crucial for communication and transformation on Ape Atoll.
  • Stamina Potions: At least one stamina potion is advised to maintain energy levels while navigating Ape Atoll.
  • Healing Food: Good quality food is essential if you lack a high Prayer level, as it will help sustain health during combat.
  • Teleportation Items: Having a means to quickly leave the dungeon after obtaining greegrees, such as a ring of dueling, is recommended for safety and convenience.
  • Weight-Reducing Armor: For parts of the quest involving extensive running, such as in the Ape Atoll Dungeon, wearing weight-reducing gear can conserve energy.
  • Prayer Potions: For those planning to use prayer during combat, especially when facing high-level gorillas, bringing prayer potions is advised.

Monetary Requirements for Talismans

  • 5000 GP: This amount is needed to buy monkey talismans, which are essential for creating greegrees. Talismans can be purchased from a vendor on Ape Atoll.

Recommended Skills and Levels

  • Combat Levels: Being able to defeat monkeys of combat levels 82, 86, and 167 is necessary. The level 167 monkey, in particular, can heal itself, making higher combat stats beneficial.
  • Prayer Level 43: Having at least level 43 Prayer is very helpful, as it allows the use of the Protect from Melee prayer, which is crucial for combat encounters with the gorillas.

Combat Strategies for Different Monkeys

  • Prayer Use: For combat against the gorillas, using the Protect from Melee prayer can significantly reduce damage taken.
  • Safe Spotting: In some cases, especially when facing the level 167 monkey guard that heals itself, using safe spots and ranged or magic attacks can be an effective strategy.
  • High-Level Gear and Potions: Bringing high-level gear and possibly a poison-plus-plus dragon dagger for additional damage against gorillas is recommended. The effectiveness of your gear and consumables can greatly influence the outcome of these encounters.

Starting the Quest: Accessing Ape Atoll

Embarking on the adventure to obtain Monkey Greegrees begins with meeting specific quest prerequisites. The journey involves intricate steps, starting from acquiring essential items and navigating towards Ape Atoll, to interacting with pivotal characters like the Monkey Child and accessing the magic shop for talismans.

Accessing Ape Atoll: Travel Instructions

  1. Starting Point: Grand Tree
    • The quest initiates at the Grand Tree, located within the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Access to this area can be facilitated through the Spirit Tree network or by traveling from Ardougne (referred to as “RT”).
  2. Glider Travel:
    • Upon reaching the Grand Tree, use the Gnome Glider service to travel to Gandius, a crucial step for moving towards Ape Atoll. This glider transport is a fundamental part of the journey, bridging the distance between the mainland and the quest’s primary location.
  3. Sequential Travel:
    • After landing in Gandius, the process involves a series of “right-click travel” actions with NPCs named Dero, Waydar, and Lumdo. This sequence of travel is essential for reaching Ape Atoll, each step bringing you closer to the island fraught with dangers and opportunities.

Navigating to the Monkey Child and Magic Shop

  1. Monkey Child Interaction:
    • Upon arrival at Ape Atoll, your immediate objective is to locate the Monkey Child. This character plays a vital role in acquiring the Monkey Talisman, a critical item for creating Monkey Greegrees. For those who haven’t completed the Monkey Madness II quest, the Monkey Child is your primary source for these talismans.
    • The interaction with the Monkey Child might require convincing or navigating through dialogues to obtain the talisman. Switching worlds is mentioned as a strategy to expedite the process of acquiring multiple talismans from the Monkey Child.
  2. Magic Shop for Talismans:
    • The magic shop on Ape Atoll serves as an alternative source for Monkey Talismans, especially for players who have progressed further in the game. Located southeast between a storehouse and another building, this shop is critical for those looking to create different types of Monkey Greegrees.
    • It’s recommended to prioritize gathering the bones required for the greegrees before purchasing talismans, to optimize inventory space and ensure a streamlined questing experience.

Collecting Monkey Bones: Strategies and Locations

Collecting monkey bones is a crucial step in creating Monkey Greegrees, essential for navigating Ape Atoll and transforming into various forms of monkeys. This segment outlines strategies for killing monkeys and acquiring their bones, focusing on different types, including Karamja monkeys, Ape Atoll monkeys, Ninja monkeys, Gorilla monkeys, and Zombie monkeys.

Killing Monkeys for Bones

Karamja Monkeys:

  • The simplest form of monkey bones can be obtained by killing monkeys found on Karamja. These bones are suitable for creating the basic Monkey Greegree.

Ape Atoll Monkeys:

  • Ape Atoll is home to various monkeys from which bones can be collected for different types of Greegrees. Access to Ape Atoll requires starting the Monkey Madness I quest.

Specific Locations and Strategies

Ninja Monkeys:

  • Location: Found on Ape Atoll, specifically around the temple and the agility course.
  • Strategy: Utilize Protect from Missiles prayer when engaging Ninja Monkeys due to their ranged attack. Ninja Monkey bones are required for the Ninja Monkey Greegree.

Gorilla Monkeys:

  • Location: Gorillas can be found guarding the temple on Ape Atoll. They are more challenging to defeat due to their higher combat level and healing abilities.
  • Strategy: Staying near the gorilla statue allows for the use of Protect from Melee prayer, essential for mitigating damage. Killing these requires good combat gear and potentially a poison-plus-plus weapon for extra damage. Collecting gorilla bones is vital for the Gorilla Greegree.

Zombie Monkeys:

  • Location: Located in the Ape Atoll Dungeon, accessible through a trapdoor within the temple.
  • Strategy: Protect from Melee prayer is recommended to safeguard against their attacks. Zombie Monkey bones are necessary for specific Greegrees and can be collected from either the small or large Zombie Monkeys found in the dungeon.

Combat Tips:

  • Ensuring you have the Monkey Speak Amulet and relevant Greegree equipped when necessary is crucial for communication and transformation on Ape Atoll.
  • Utilize stamina potions for efficient movement across Ape Atoll, especially when collecting bones from different monkey types.

Acquiring Monkey Talismans: Methods and Strategies

Acquiring Monkey Talismans is a fundamental step in the process of making Monkey Greegrees, enabling players to transform into various monkey forms on Ape Atoll. There are several methods to obtain these talismans, each catering to different stages of game progress and player preferences.

Purchasing from the Magic Shop

  • Location and Transaction: Players can purchase Monkey Talismans from a magic shop located on Ape Atoll. This shop is situated to the southeast, between the storehouse and another building. It is accessible to players who have made significant progress in the game, particularly those who have completed the Monkey Madness quest.
  • Cost: The talismans can be bought for 1,000 coins each, making it essential for players to carry sufficient gold. It’s recommended to acquire the monkey bones needed for the greegrees before purchasing talismans to optimize inventory space.

Interaction with the Monkey Child

  • Dialogue and Strategy: For players who have not yet completed Monkey Madness II, the Monkey Child on Ape Atoll serves as a primary source for acquiring Monkey Talismans. Players need to engage in dialogue with the Monkey Child, navigating through conversations to persuade the child to hand over the talismans. A notable strategy involves switching worlds to reset the Monkey Child’s willingness to give more talismans.
  • Narrative Context: The Monkey Child plays a whimsical role in the quest, adding a layer of storytelling and character interaction to the process of collecting talismans.

Alternative Acquisition Methods

  • Zooknock for Monkey Madness II Completers: Players who have progressed through Monkey Madness II can obtain Monkey Talismans directly from Zooknock, located in the northwestern part of the Gnome Stronghold. This method bypasses the need for interaction with the Monkey Child and simplifies the acquisition process.
  • World Switching: A practical approach for acquiring multiple talismans from the Monkey Child involves world switching. This method exploits the game’s mechanics to reset the NPC’s inventory and willingness to distribute more talismans to the player.

Creating the Greegrees: Process and Types

Creating Monkey Greegrees is a transformative process in the game, enabling players to morph into various monkey forms essential for navigating Ape Atoll. The creation involves interactions with Zooknock, dialogue options, and the correct use of bones and talismans.

Interaction with Zooknock

  • Location: Zooknock is located at the end of the Ape Atoll Dungeon, accessible through a series of travels and navigations on Ape Atoll.
  • Process: Players need to present Zooknock with a monkey talisman and the specific monkey bones corresponding to the type of greegree they wish to create. This requires a dialogue with Zooknock, selecting the appropriate options to request the creation of greegrees.

Dialogue Options

  • Players engage with Zooknock using specific dialogue choices, typically selecting options that indicate the desire to create more Monkey Talismans or Greegrees. The dialogue path often involves agreeing to provide Zooknock with the necessary items (bones and talisman) for the creation process.

Using Bones and Talismans

  • Procedure: The creation of a Monkey Greegree involves using a Monkey Talisman and the corresponding monkey bones on Zooknock. It is crucial not to accidentally bury the bones during this process. Each type of monkey bone will produce a different type of Greegree.

Types of Greegrees and Their Uses

  1. Small and Medium Ninja Greegrees:
    • These greegrees transform the player into a ninja monkey, allowing access to specific areas and agility courses on Ape Atoll. The bones for these greegrees are acquired from Ninja Monkeys located in various parts of Ape Atoll.
  2. Gorilla Greegrees:
    • Gorilla Greegrees enable transformation into a gorilla, useful for combat situations and accessing areas requiring strength. Bones for this greegree are obtained by defeating Gorilla Monkeys on Ape Atoll.

Special Cases

  • Kruk Greegree: This unique greegree is obtained by using the paw of Kruk, a notable NPC defeated during the Monkey Madness II quest. To acquire the paw for a new greegree or replace a lost one, players must navigate back to Kruk’s Dungeon.
  • Zombie Monkey Greegrees: These greegrees require bones from Zombie Monkeys found in the Ape Atoll Dungeon. There are two sizes of Zombie Monkeys, each yielding a different greegree, allowing for varied transformations.

Advanced Greegrees: Unlocking and Utilizing

Creating advanced Monkey Greegrees involves specific requirements, including achievements in game progress such as completing quests and diaries. These advanced greegrees allow for broader access and utility across Ape Atoll, enhancing navigation, safety, and interaction capabilities.

Requirements for Special Greegrees

Western Provinces Diary Completion:

  • Completing the Western Provinces Diary, particularly the hard tasks, is crucial for accessing certain advanced greegrees. It unlocks specific areas and capabilities that are otherwise inaccessible, providing an advantage in navigating Ape Atoll and its challenges.

Monkey Madness II Completion:

  • The completion of Monkey Madness II is a significant milestone for obtaining advanced greegrees, such as the one associated with Kruk. This quest not only expands the storyline involving Ape Atoll but also introduces new greegrees and their unique uses.

Navigating Ape Atoll

Avoiding Detection and Combat:

  • Utilizing greegrees effectively on Ape Atoll is essential for avoiding detection by hostile NPCs. Transforming into a monkey allows players to move freely among the island’s inhabitants, reducing the risk of combat encounters and enabling safer exploration.

Utilizing Greegrees for Access and Safety:

  • Different greegrees provide access to various areas of Ape Atoll. For instance, some areas may require the player to be in a specific monkey form to enter or interact with certain NPCs. Moreover, using greegrees appropriately can enhance safety, especially in areas where being in human form would result in immediate aggression from local NPCs.

Strategy and Tips

  • Strategic Use: Choose the correct type of greegree for the area you are exploring or the task you are undertaking. Each greegree has unique benefits, and selecting the appropriate transformation can significantly impact your ability to navigate Ape Atoll efficiently.
  • Preparation: Before venturing into areas requiring specific greegrees, ensure you have completed the necessary prerequisites, such as quest completions and diary achievements, to maximize your access and utility on the island.
  • Stealth and Interaction: Leveraging the ability to avoid detection with greegrees allows for easier gathering of items, questing, and exploration. Additionally, interacting with NPCs while in monkey form can unlock unique dialogue options and quest solutions.

How to Get Monkey Greegree Back in OSRS

If you’ve lost your Monkey Greegree, you can get it back by interacting with Zooknock, who is located at the end of the Ape Atoll Dungeon. You will need to bring him a monkey talisman and the specific monkey bones for the type of Greegree you want. If you do not have a Monkey Talisman, you can obtain one from the Monkey Child on Ape Atoll or purchase one from the magic shop on Ape Atoll if you have completed the Monkey Madness I quest.

How to Get Monkey Greegree in OSRS

To obtain a Monkey Greegree for the first time, follow these steps:
Start or progress in the Monkey Madness I quest to gain access to Ape Atoll.
Obtain a Monkey Talisman from the Monkey Child or, if available, from the magic shop on Ape Atoll.
Kill a monkey on Ape Atoll or Karamja to get monkey bones. The type of monkey bones you collect will determine the form of your Greegree.
Bring the Monkey Talisman and monkey bones to Zooknock at the end of the Ape Atoll Dungeon to create your Greegree.

How to Get a New Monkey Greegree in OSRS

To get a new type of Monkey Greegree or replace a lost one, you’ll need to collect the appropriate monkey bones or body part (such as Kruk’s paw for the Kruk Greegree) and a Monkey Talisman. Take these items to Zooknock, who will create the new Greegree for you. This process is similar to obtaining your first Greegree but allows for the creation of different types based on the bones you provide.

How to Get More Monkey Greegrees in OSRS

Collect different types of monkey bones from various monkeys around Ape Atoll and Karamja. Each type (standard, ninja, gorilla, zombie, etc.) will create a different Greegree.
Ensure you have multiple Monkey Talismans, which can be acquired from the Monkey Child or the magic shop on Ape Atoll.
Take the bones and talismans to Zooknock to create each unique Greegree.

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OSRS Monkey Greegrees Ultimate Guide - Firey Veins (2024)


How to reobtain monkey greegree? ›

If the player has a full inventory, and teleports from Ape Atoll without removing their greegree, they will lose it. After Monkey Madness II, it can be reobtained from Zooknock in the Tree Gnome Stronghold if lost (listed as large ninja greegree). No materials are required.

Why can't I hold my monkey greegree? ›

Be aware that a greegree cannot be held while in combat. A glitch exists where if the player gets caught and they try to transform back, there is a small chance they will lose their greegree; however, this glitch is not common.

How to get monkey greegrees for rfd osrs? ›

To begin making greegrees, the player must first obtain a monkey talisman by speaking to the Monkey Child on Ape Atoll while wearing a m'speak amulet. Once Zooknock enchants this talisman, additional talismans can be bought from Tutab's Magical Market for 1,000 coins each.

How to make all the greegrees? ›

To make a greegree, a player must take a monkey talisman and the corresponding primate bones or corpse to Zooknock, who can be found at the end of the Ape Atoll Dungeon. Each greegree transforms the player into the corresponding primate of the greegree when wielded.

How do you get small ninja monkey greegree? ›

To make one, a player must take a monkey talisman and small ninja monkey bones to Zooknock, located at the very end of the Ape Atoll Dungeon. There are two different ninja greegrees.

How do I get my monkey talisman back? ›

To get another talisman after that, they must talk to him again. The player will tell him that they lost it, and he will start to cry. They can either log out of the game or wait for around a minute (watch out for the Monkey's Aunt or use a greegree) and then he will cheer up, allowing them to take another one.

How many greegrees for rfd? ›

To complete this subquest, you need to make three monkey greegrees to transform into three monkeys. Remember what Zooknock told you at the end of Monkey Madness: you create greegrees by bringing him the bones of the type of monkey you want to become and a monkey talisman.

How to get gorilla gree gree? ›

To make a gorilla greegree, the player must take gorilla bones from a level 89 Monkey Guard and a Monkey talisman to Zooknock. The gorilla greegree is also used in the Do No Evil quest. There are two different types of Gorilla greegree. It depends on which type of monkey guard's bones are used.

How to get karamjan monkey greegree? ›

The Karamjan monkey greegree is used for transforming into a Karamja type monkey at the Ape Atoll island. To make a greegree, a player must take a Monkey talisman and monkey bones or corpse to Zooknock, who can be found at the very end of the Ape Atoll Dungeon.

How many greegrees are there? ›

There are eight different greegrees altogether: a Karamjan monkey greegree; a small and medium ninja monkey greegree; a small and big zombie monkey greegree; a normal, bearded, and blue faced gorilla greegree.

How to get another kruk greegree? ›

Kruk's greegree can be used on the Ape Atoll Agility Course. After the quest, the greegree can be reobtained from Zooknock if lost.

How to make zombie greegree osrs? ›

A magical talisman in the shape of a big zombie monkey head. The big zombie monkey greegree is used for transforming into a large zombie monkey on Ape Atoll. To make one, a player must take a monkey talisman and large zombie monkey bones to Zooknock, located at the very end of the Ape Atoll Dungeon.

How do you get past monkey guards? ›

A way out of this is to climb up the ladder near the trapdoor. There is a way, however, to kill the Monkey Guards (including bearded variants) using melee as a player with relatively low combat stats. Monkey Guards can be brought down to 26-35 HP by normal attacks.

How do you get gorilla greegree? ›

To make a gorilla greegree, the player must take gorilla bones from a level 89 Monkey Guard and a Monkey talisman to Zooknock. The gorilla greegree is also used in the Do No Evil quest. There are two different types of Gorilla greegree. It depends on which type of monkey guard's bones are used.

How do you get monkey amulet Mould? ›

In the northwest corner there's a cluster of crates around a stalagmite; the moulds are in the crate directly south of the stalagmite. After Monkey Madness, the monkeyspeak amulet mould can be bought at Hamab's Crafting Emporium for 10 coins.

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