Safar flyer partner airlines: oneworld, rental cars, hotels (2024)

Royal Air Maroc and Iberia partnership

Royal Air Maroc and Iberia have joined forces to propose more destinations and flights and to offer a greater number of opportunities to earn even more Safar Flyer Miles. Iberia flies to 101 destinations in 39 countries departing Madrid. Safar Flyer member henceforth can accumulate Miles in the Safar Flyer loyalty program in connection with boarding Iberia flights.

– Earn Safar Flyer Miles with Iberia

Travel ClassesClasses of eligible reservation (1)% of actual Miles (2) earned
Economic classPublished discounted
(B / H / K / S /L / O / Q / V / N / G)
Full Fare (Y/R)100%
Business Class(J/C/D)125%


(1) Eligible flights:

All flights provided by IB with IB flight numbers
All flights provided by IB or its subsidiaries with AT flight number

(2) Miles bonuses:

The following are not granted:

The Gold and Silver card bonuses are not granted on flight sunder IB code
The 25% bonus granted to corporate entities in the framework of the Corporate program

Minimum lump amount of 500 Miles:

On flights under IB code, earning in Miles correspond to the distance actually covered

Qualifying Miles:

Not considered as qualifying are the Miles earned on Iberia flights under IB code

Exchange your Safar Flyer Miles into bonus tickets (1) on Iberia

– No bonus on Iberia for youth and junior passengers
– No bonuses for excess baggage or upgrade bonuses on Iberia

Sectors1 roundtrip ticket in Economy Class1 roundtrip ticket in Business Class
Inside Spain2000040000
North Africa4000080000
Africa and Middle East80000160000
Africa 2 and Arabian peninsula85000170000
Africa 3 and Indian Ocean85000170000
Far East150000300000
North America85000170000
Central America100000200000
South America 1100000200000
South America 2125000250000

Miles and advantages offered by our partners

Dealing with our partners means just as many opportunities for accumulating more Miles and to dispose of a wider choice of bonuses. You earn Miles each time that you obtain any type of services from a Safar Flyer partner. The said Miles will be credited to your account in the same manner as for Miles obtained for Royal Air Maroc making it possible benefit from your bonuses more quickly.

Special offer for Safar Flyer cardholders. As a member of the Safar Flyer program, you earn:

100 Miles per day for economy and compact cars (A to D) with a maximum of 600 Miles per rental.
200 Miles per day for standard and luxury categories (E and above) with maximum of 1 200 Miles per rental;

This offer is valid throughout the entire Europcar network. All rates applied carry rights for earning Miles. Miles will be recorded only upon submittal of your Safar Flyer membership card.

– How do you obtain Miles?

To be sure that your Miles get credited, provide your Safar Flyer number upon reserving and show your card when you take the vehicle.

For all correspondence, please attach a copy of your Europcar rental contract or invoice, as well as the number of your Safar Flyer card.

Benefit from reductions ** on car rentals with Europcar.

Reserve on cobranded website and benefit from attractive reductions:

5% reduction for RAM passengers
10% for Blue and Blue Corporate members
15% for Silver and Silver Corporate members
15% for Gold, Gold Corporate and Ambassador members

(**) only for reservations over the Internet
Conditions not applicable to negotiated fares (Tour Operators, Contracts), Staff fares, utility vehicle fares, long-term rentals without rights to Miles or reduced prices.

How many Miles with Atlas Hotels?

EstablishmentsNumber of Miles earned per night and per roomReduction granted in addition to Miles Miles
600(-30%) of discount in high season
(-40%) of discount in low season
300(-30%) of discount in high season
(-40%) of discount in low season

Your Safar Flyer card number is important, it is your identifier. Please communicate it systematically upon reserving air ticket and airport check-in, to obtain your Miles and get the most out of the other advantages reserved for Silver and Gold members.

• VIP treatment (fruit basked, 1 bottle of mineral water)
• Reservation priority
• Express Check-in / check.
• Possibility of staying in room to 4:00 p.m.

In addition to the advantages reserved to Silver members, you will be upgraded each time availability so allows.

How many Miles with Accor?

HotelNumber of miles earnedper night and per roomDiscount


500 miles

-40 to -50 %*


250 miles



250 miles



250 miles

Public rate

This reduction applies at all times of year at the public accommodations rate during the period of stay of the Safar Flyer cardholder and for a room occupied thereby. In no way can it be assimilated with other reductions or promotions included in the 25% reduction granted to national resident Moroccans.
For Ibis hotels you have the choice between earning Miles or obtain reduction, including the 25% reduction for national Moroccan residents. The tariffs are subject to availability of the class rate upon request.

Safar Flyer members must provide their card number when booking and present their cards upon registration at the hotel in order to benefit from miles credit and discounts from our partner.
Safar Flyer members will only receive mileage credit when residing in either Diwan Rabat or Pullman El Jadida .

How many Miles with Barceló?

Our partner Barcello offers you Safar Flyer Miles and preferential reduced fares for stays at Barcello group hotels.

Number of Miles Schedule:

Safar Flyer Miles earned per room
Hotel TypePer room and night
Barceló Premium350
Barceló comfort200

Advantages for Safar Flyer members:

Silver/Silver Corporate

– Upgrade if available
– Check out to 4:00 pm upon request at reception desk

Gold /Gold Corporate/ Ambassador

– Upgrade if available
– Check out to 400 pm upon request at reception
– Welcome benefits

Conditions :

Miles are obtained for any stay on «Rack» rates, «Corporate» and «Best rate available (Barcelo Best) » in line, either directly at the hotel or at or with travel agent.

Benefit from a 50% reduction with our partner Golden Tulip … and even more still

Our partner Golden Tulip offers you a 50% reduction on public rates displayed in the reception areas of Golden Tulip Hotels in Morocco on simple presentation of your Safar Flyer card.

Exclusive benefits:

VIP service (fruit and/or pastries and water) for Safar Flyer Silver members, Safar Flyer Gold members and Ambassador members

Upgrade to a superior category room, subject to availability, for Safar Flyer Gold and Ambassador members:

  • To visit Golden Tulip:
  • Benefit from up to 65% off with our partner JM Suites hotel

Our partner JM Suites Hotel offers you discounts on its public price rates just by simply showing your Safar Flyer card.

45% off the Junior Suite
65% off all the other hotel suites.
An upgrade in the superior category according to availability.

You can also earn miles by spending your money with other partners, namely:

– American Airlines

The miles you earn as a member of the Safar Flyer program give you the opportunity to book an award ticket and travel for free on a flight served by the American company.

Booking class Travel classeAccumulated miles in %
W/PPremium Eco110%

– Accor Live Limitless

The miles you earn by renting a hotel room with All allow you to earn Safar Flyer miles, according to this scale: 2,000 ALL Rewards points = 1,000 Safar Flyer miles

– British Airways

Your miles can be spent with British Airway giving you the option of traveling on one of its flights using your Safar Flyer miles.

Booking classTravel classeAccumulated miles in %
F/AFirst Class150%
J/C/D/I/RBusiness Class125%
W/E/TPremium Economy100%
Y/B/HEconomy Full Fare100%
K/L/M/V/S/NEconomy Discounted50%
Q/O/GEconomy Published Discount25%

– Cathay Pacific

It is also a RAM partner, which means you can use your Safar Flayer points to travel for free on any of its air routes serving hundreds of airports around the world.

Booking classTravel classAccumulated miles in %

– Etihad

Find out the number of miles required in your Safar Flyer account to make an award ticket reservation and travel free on an Etihad flight

DistanceCoral economy classBusiness Pearl ClassFirst Diamond Class
0 – 50075001250025000
501 – 1000150002500050000
1001 – 1500225003750075000
1501 – 20003000050000100000
2001 – 30004500075000150000
3001- 400075000125000225000
4001- 5000100000150000275000
Plus de 5001125000175000325000

– Japan Airlines

The Japanese airline offers you an award ticket once you reach a certain number of miles in your Safar Flyer account

Booking classTravel classAccumulated miles in%
F, AFirst Class150%
ZFirst Class0%
J, C, D, X, IBusiness Class125%
UBusiness Class0%
W, RPremium Economy Class100%
EPremium Economy Class70%
PPremium Economy Class0%
Y, BEconomy Class100%
H, K, MEconomy Class70%
L, V, S, O, GEconomy Class50%
Q, NEconomy Class30%
TEconomy Class0%

– Malaysia Airlines

Here’s how many points you need to earn an award ticket with Malaysia Airlines

Booking classTravel classAccumulated miles in%
F/A/PBusiness Suite150%

– Qantas

The Australian company welcomes you on its flights throughout the year. Find out how many miles you need to earn a free ticket.

Booking classTravel classAccumulated miles in%

– Qatar Airways

RAM and the Qatari company are partners, which means that you can use your miles points to travel for free on its flights by converting your miles to award tickets.

Booking classTravel classAccumulated miles in%
F/P/AFirst class200%
J/CBusiness Class175%
DBusiness Class150%
I/RBusiness Class125%
K/M/L/VEconomy Discount75%
S/N/QEconomy Discount50%
O/T/W/GEconomy Discount25%

– Royal Jordanian

The miles accumulated and stored in your account can be passed on as a nice reward: An award ticket for free travel on board a Jordanian airline.

Booking classTravel classAccumulated miles in%
JBusiness Flexi175%
C/DBusiness Plus150%
I/ZBusiness Saver125%
YEconomy Flexi/Full Fare (Y)100%
B/H/K/MEconomy Flexi75%
L/V/S/N/QEconomy Plus50%
O/P/WEconomy Saver25%

– S7 Airlines

Like Royal Air Maroc, the Russian company is also a member of the Oneworld alliance, which means that you have access to all the benefits granted to its loyalty program members, including award tickets.

– SriLankan Airlines

As a Safar Flyer member, you are eligible to travel on a SriLankan airline using only your miles.

– CasaAero

In addition to offering you the real feeling of piloting an airplane, this flight simulator allows you to improve your experience in this activity, use special effects during the flight such as snow, rain, … all for a few Safar Flyer miles. To take advantage of it, all you have to do is send your request to indicating your card number and the desired date

– Global Exchange

Imagine that you can use your own miles when you use Global Exchange services. You can benefit from exclusive discounts by using the currency exchange services offered by the multinational company present in more than fifty airports around the world.

– In Morocco

Safar Flyer card levelDiscount applied
Carte Platinum-50%*
Carte Gold-50%*
Carte Silver-40%*
Carte Blue-35%*

– Internationally

Safar Flyer card levelDiscount applied
Carte Platinum-20%*
Carte Gold-20%*
Carte Silver-15%*
Carte Blue-10%*

– Sixt

Renting a car at the airport from one of the most famous companies in this field? Sixt invites you to use your miles to benefit from a reduction of up to 15% and earn miles after each reservation.

  • Gain miles
500 miles500 miles500 miles500 miles
  • Reduction

– Avis

The airport car rental giant invites you to use your Safar Flyer miles points to rent a car with a discount on the initial price (up to 15%), and then earn miles.

Safar Flyer StatusAWD Safar Flyer numberGain milesReduction
Safar Flyer BlueC65240001 000 MilesUntil 5%
Safar Flyer SilverC65320001 250 MilesUntil 10%
Safar Flyer Gold / PlatinumC65370001 500 MilesUntil 15%
Safar flyer partner airlines: oneworld, rental cars, hotels (2024)


Who is in the Oneworld alliance? ›

The alliance's current membership consists of Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Royal Jordanian and SriLankan Airlines, as well as Fiji Airways as a Oneworld Connect partner.

Does Royal Air Maroc have lie flat seats? ›

Royal Air Maroc's business class seats convert into lie-flat beds, always helpful when adjusting to time differences.

When did Royal Air Maroc join Oneworld? ›

RAM is wholly owned by the Moroccan Government, and has its headquarters on the grounds of Casablanca-Anfa Airport. It joined the Oneworld alliance in 2020.

What airline alliance is Royal Air Maroc? ›

OneWorld Alliance - Royal Air Maroc.

Which is better oneworld or Star Alliance? ›

Oneworld alliance vs.

That means you can enjoy perks on a lot more airlines to even more destinations (over 1,300) than Oneworld (around 1,000). With that said, Oneworld offers double the number of U.S.-based airlines. When flying within the U.S., Star Alliance members must fly United to enjoy Star Alliance perks.

How to get oneworld membership? ›

You can't actually independently earn Oneworld elite status. Instead, you have to earn elite status with a Oneworld member carrier by meeting the qualifications with one of the airline's own frequent flyer programs. The Oneworld alliance currently has 14 full airline members: Alaska Airlines.

Do you get food on air maroc flights? ›

A free meal is served on flights lasting more than two and a half hours. For shorter flights a hot snack will be provided. Discover the new design of our Royal Air Maroc fleet and try out the comfort of its new leather seats.

Which seats not to book in flight? ›

The middle row, particularly window seats 11A and 11F, were identified as the worst spots for travellers. Often these are the last seats to deplane and receive meal service during a flight.

Where is the best place to sit on an airline? ›

Aim for the center aisle seats on long-haul wide-body flights: if you love an aisle, it's almost always better to pick one in the middle section, because those middle seats next to you will be the last to fill up — and there'll be fewer passengers climbing over you than if you were sitting on the side by a window.

What are the levels of Safar flyer? ›

The more you use your Safar Flyer card, the faster you progress from Blue to Silver, Gold and Platinum, and go from discovery to discovery. This gives you access to personalized services and exclusive privileges!

How many stars does Royal Air Maroc have? ›

It also maintained its 4 star Skytrax label. Highly coveted by airlines, the Skytrax award is a world renowned award in the airline industry. Furthermore, oneworld, the alliance Royal Air Maroc has joined in 2020, won the title of Best Airline Alliance for the 12th consecutive year.

What kind of airline is Royal Air Maroc? ›

Royal Air Maroc (AT) is Morocco's national carrier and the country's largest airline. Founded in 1957, the airline operates from a hub at Casablanca's Mohammed V International Airport (CMN).

Is Royal Air Maroc a partner with American Airlines? ›

Our partnership with Royal Air Maroc

When you fly on Royal Air Maroc, you can earn and redeem AAdvantage® miles, plus, enjoy the benefits of your AAdvantage® status.

What are the benefits of oneworld Royal Air Maroc? ›

As a member of a oneworld ® airline's frequent flyer programme, you can enjoy many privileges across the global network. From check-in to arrival, you can experience benefits including priority check-in, fast track through security, access to lounges and preferred boarding.

Are JetBlue and Royal Air Maroc partners? ›

JetBlue Airways Corporation - JetBlue and Royal Air Maroc to Become Codeshare Partners.

Is AA a member of oneworld? ›

oneworld® members. Learn more about oneworld® Alliance, including status member benefits, lounge access and more. Together, American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia and Finnair offer: 116 average daily flights across the U.S. and Europe.

Who will join oneworld next? ›

Oman Air is set to join the alliance as the 14th member airline in 2024. oneworld member airlines work together to deliver consistently a superior, seamless travel experience, with special privileges and rewards for frequent flyers, including earning and redeeming miles and points across the entire alliance network.

Is United Airlines part of oneworld or Star Alliance? ›

United Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance, a global network of 20-plus airlines. These airlines offer flights to nearly every destination in the world.

Who is a member of SkyTeam? ›

Members of SkyTeam include Aerolíneas Argentinas, Aeroméxico, Air Europa, Air France, China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Garuda Indonesia, ITA Airways, Kenya Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air, Middle East Airlines, Saudia, TAROM, Vietnam Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and ...

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