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How I Got ​Shredded in 90 Days “CHEAT SHEET” ​- ​byJustinVerrengia


Let’s kick this ​Alpha Shredding​ cheat sheet off with setting a ​clear objective​. If you haven't taken the time to set one, it would be wise to do so now. Let me start with sharing my own to help you get some ideas flowing. I like to have fun with this...​ My specific intention is to physically ​become the warrior I see myself as​. To me that means Bruce Lee shredded abs, speed and flexibility, the stamina and energy of Floyd Mayweather with the power and agility of Conor McGregor along with the supreme confidence of Muhammed Ali. ;-P Bottom line, ​“I will become the greatest version of myself.” This is a true story… Just three and a half months ago I was looking in the mirror, talking to D (my beautiful wife) and I was like, ​"Dayyyummmm, my stomach is getting so fat, I literally look pregnant from the side"​....bottom line, ​I did not like what I was seeing​! So I made a decision right there, that I was going to do ​whatever it takes​ to transform my body and make that my top priority. Because inside I know I'm a warrior, but my reflection staring back at me in the mirror proved otherwise. Since that day I began working out daily without fail and truth be told, regardless how hard I tried, 2 weeks went by and I still wasn't noticing any significant difference in the mirror and I started getting really discouraged....​fast​.

That's when I came across a friend online that I've always looked up to. Long story short, he had the body I wanted and he had the program I needed to follow to get the desired results I was seeking. To learn more about his Alpha Shredding program visit: In case you’re wondering - No, I did not create this diet. It’s commonly referred to as “Intermittent Fasting” but my friend Aaron refers to it as Alpha Shredding​. This diet consist of ​choosing an 8 hour window in the day to eat​. In which the remaining 16 hours of the day you will not eat anything at all….hence where the shredding (fat burning) takes place. I have been Alpha Shredding for ​90 days now​. I skip breakfast each morning and only eat 2 meals. The first one around 3pm and the second around 8pm. Then I fast for 16 hours until I eat again the next day at 3pm. Surprisingly, since I’ve started, I’ve dropped down from 167 pounds, to 142 pounds, ​shredded 25 pounds of fat​ while massively increasing my muscle mass, increasing endurance, cardio, energy and overall stamina, and set a personal best, at the 60 day mark when I weighed 147 pounds I ​bench pressed 265 pounds​ (118 pounds over my body weight).

In other words, I’m stronger, faster, leaner, healthier, and more explosive even though I now eat less. You may be wondering… Is this really even possible? Is it dangerous? Isn’t breakfast the most important meal of the day? How would my energy be? Is it difficult? Is it really healthy or are you just crazy? I feel you and know exactly what you’re thinking because when I first learned about Alpha Shredding, the same questions raced through my mind. Bottom line... this program is THE REAL DEAL, the results speak for themselves. The very best part is the ​myriad of health benefits​ that comes along with adapting this into your everyday lifestyle.

Top 3 Health Benefits to Intermittent Fasting: 1. Fat Loss​ - Every single person I know who fast for 16 hours per day melts fat away FAST. So losing weight is a given. Personally I shred 25 pounds of body fat in my first 90 days...going from FAT-No-Pack to 6-pack.

2. SIMPLICITY​ - As an entrepreneur and parent to a 3 year old daughter, I’m all about ​simplicity​. I love waking up without having the responsibility of preparing breakfast for myself. Instead I can just grab a nice tall glass of ​Alkaline Kangen Water (9.5 ph)​ and feel GREAT. This gives me extra quality time in the morning preparing breakfast for and with my daughter Quan-Yin. I will say this… with fasting 16 hours per day, it helps you really appreciate every meal so much more. 3. More Effective​ - Not only is it more effective than any other diet, it’s also much easier for the average person to adapt to. Typical diets fail because most people don’t stick to the diet over the long haul, hence resorting back to old bad eating habits. So obviously the core of the problem is a behavior change problem. This is where Alpha Shredding shines because it’s much easier to implement into your daily routine once you get over the fact that you don’t need to constantly consume food all the time. Also, you probably didn’t know this, but the following Hollywood Super Stars have all reputedly given Intermittent Fasting a go: Hugh Jackman, Jason Statham, Liv Tyler, Ben Afflect, Beyonce, and Christine Turlington.

Hugh Jackman

Jason Statham

Okay, so if the ​BIG SECRET​ is that it’s ​80% diet and only 20% workouts​, let’s get right into my specific dieting routine, shall we?

My Specific Diet: ● 3:00pm - 11:00pm = Eating window ● 11:00pm - 3:00pm = No eating window Within your eating window you can eat/drink anything you like and still get shredded, however, it’s common sense that results will be way faster/better if you eat lean healthy food versus fatty unhealthy food. During my 16 hour shredding period without food, I only drink ​alkaline Kangen water (9.5 ph)​ and occasionally green tea….but that’s it. Your goal should be to ​drink a minimum of 1 gallon of water per day.

Here are the ​Top 5 Reasons​ why you may want to consider drinking 1 gallon + of Alkaline Kangen Water daily too: 1. Hydration​ - Alkaline Water ​increases blood oxygen levels​. ​Reports show that while most people know perfectly well that water is the way to go, up to 75 percent of the American population fall short of the 10 daily cups prescribed by the ​Institute of Medicine​ - which, in medical terms, means that ​most people in the U.S. are functioning in a chronic state of dehydration​. I use to suffer from migraine headaches for the longest time. Once I got my Kangen machine and started drinking alkaline water, ​my headaches completely stopped altogether. This is because I later discovered that 90% or so of headaches are caused from dehydration. “60 percent of our bodies is composed of water, 75 percent in our muscles, 85 percent in our brains, it’s like oil to a machine,” explained Dr. Roberta Lee. Water is the essence of life and our health, so it’s essential to get your proper water intake to remain hydrated throughout the day...especially while fasting. 2. Increased Energy​ - ​Kangen water from an Enagic water ionizer has increased oxygen because it has more hydroxyl (OH-) molecules than in regular water. Personally I notice a huge boost in energy and it’s much easier for me to consume a gallon + of Kangen water versus regular water in which I struggle to drink. By drinking Kangen water you will increase the oxygen in your blood and notice your energy levels escalate! 3. Prevent Overeating​ - The more Kangen Water you drink, the fuller your body is and the less likely you are to get hungry during your shredding / fasting period.

4. Boosts Your Metabolism​ - Keeping our bodies in a more alkaline state will boost your metabolism and immune system. This is a natural effect of neutralizing the free radicals and helping to cleanse the body of toxins. 5. Detox​ - A Kangen water Ionizer converts tap water into alkaline Kangen water which is up to 6 times more hydrating than regular water. Kangen water has smaller water clusters with only 5-6 molecules versus regular tap water which has about 10-13 molecules. This makes Kangen water wetter and more easily absorbed into the body, improving it’s detoxification qualities. The smaller, water clusters found in Kangen water offer increased antioxidant properties that more easily rid the body of toxins and free radicals. Bottom Line - There are a ​plethora of health benefits​ to drinking Alkaline Water. I personally love my Kangen Water machines. My wife D and I own 3 of them. The ​Leveluk K8​ in our kitchen, the ​Leveluk SD501​ in our master bathroom and the ​Anespa​ (mineral ion water spa) in our shower.

In addition to my Kangen Water Leveluk machines I’m using the Gray (Fluoride reduction) and Purple (Chlorine reduction) pre-filtration filters made specifically for these machines (but sold separately). This is very important as many people aren’t even aware of how harmful fluoride is to your health. I did a video 3 years ago that went viral specifically on this subject entitled “​Pineal Gland Activation Secrets​” in which EVERYONE needs to watch. If you’re interested in purchasing a Kangen water machine shoot me an email at ​[emailprotected]​ and I’m happy to help you choose the machine that is best for you. Now that you understand the SUPREME IMPORTANCE of water, let’s talk about food, shall we? Example of my first meal of the day at 3:00pm: ● ● ● ●

3 eggs Whole wheat toast Avocado Protein Shake

Above is my favorite first meal of the day in which I eat just about every single day since implementing this diet. I cook my eggs with 100% organic extra virgin coconut oil (avoid unhealthy cooking oils).

Example of my dinner for the day I eat at about 8pm: ● Grilled Salmon filet ● Vegetables ● Sweet Potato

Besides Salmon, another one of my favorite dinner fish meals is Grouper, both of which are lean and very high in protein. ;-)

Personally I stopped eating meat (such as land animals) back when I was 16 years old and haven’t touched it since. This is just a personal lifestyle preference. If you prefer to eat chicken or red meat it’s all good, the key is just avoiding fatty meats and sticking with lean sources of protein. One thing I would avoid If I was you, is stop eating pork altogether. As a good rule a thumb, ​eat your bodyweight in grams of protein daily​. For example, I weigh roughly 142 pounds right now so I do my best to consume 142 grams of protein daily. This is why it’s necessary I drink protein shakes and eat protein bars to get the proper protein intake.

My Favorite healthy snacks inbetween meals: ● ● ● ●

Apple slices dipped in fresh hummus Almonds and mixed nuts Fresh Fruit / Green Smoothies The Best Protein Bar Ever​ (17g’s per bar and lives up to it’s name)

I eat 1-2 bars everyday and compared to any other Protein Bar I’ve had it truly is the best tasting one.

Check out the Ingredients in ​The Best Protein Bar Ever!

Yep, now you know why I order 5 boxes at a time ;-) If interested in ordering a box, use my ​special affiliate link here​ to get free shipping along with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Next I’m going to break down my workout routine into the following 3 sections because over time my workout routine has evolved. 1. My First 30 Day Workout Routine 2. My 30-60 Day Workout Routine 3. My 60-90 Day Workout Routine

My First 30 Day Workout Routine: My first 30 days I chose not to lift any weights or go to a gym. Instead I decided to just keep it stupid simple using only my natural bodyweight at home. I began my workout at 1:00pm which is 2 hours before eating my first meal of the day. My typical workout was 45 minutes, from 1:00 - 1:45pm: ● 10 mins jogging (I started at 5 mins and worked my way up) ● 15 mins of boxing and kicking my foam dummy. ● 20 mins of push-ups, sit-ups and dips. (5 sets of each) SIMPLE! Specific example: ● 50 pushups

● 50 situps ● 25 dips ● Repeat total of 5X’s Towards my 3rd set I didn’t hit 50 situps or push-ups, I got to about 25 or so because it gets more difficult as you go… especially when first starting out. The big picture here is to ​push yourself to your limit.​ Do as many as you can….this is how you shred fat and build muscle. For example maybe you start with 10 pushups and by the 3rd set you can only do 5, that’s normal, just give it your best.

My 30-60 Day Workout Routine: With time, your workout routine will evolve as mine has. About 40 days in I decided to step up my workout routine and begin hitting the weights at the gym on top of what I was already doing previously. Naturally, I’ve built up a lot of endurance from doing the same routine over and over again everyday. Here I began my workout at 12:00pm which is 3 hours before eating my first meal of the day. My typical workout from 12:00 - 2:00pm: ● ● ● ●

30 mins jogging 30 mins of boxing and kicking my foam dummy 20 mins of push-ups, sit-ups and dips (5 sets of each) 40 mins at the gym

SIMPLE! Specific example: ● ● ● ●

60 pushups 60 situps 30 dips Repeat total of 5X’s

Here doing 50 pushups and situps is easy compared to before so I continued to push myself to do 60 or as many as I can so I can continue to build muscle and see gains.

My 60-90 Day Workout Routine: Here I began my workout at 11:30am which is 3.5 hours before eating my first meal of the day. My typical workout from 11:30 - 2:00pm: ● ● ● ●

30 mins jogging 30 mins of boxing and kicking my foam dummy 45 mins of push-ups, sit-ups, ​ab-rolls​ and dips (5 sets of each) 45 mins at the gym

Still simple but naturally it continues to progress. Specific example: ● 70 pushups ● 70 situps

● 20 ab wheel rolls* ● 35 dips ● Repeat total of 5X’s That’s right, I added ​ab wheel rolling​ into the mix which helped take me from 4-pack to a very defined 6-pack in very little time. ● My ab wheel roller

What I’ve discovered is that over time your workout routine will continue to evolve as well. Just note, ​any action is always better than no action​. I will be the first to admit that my personal workout routine outlined in this Cheat Sheet is not easy, but I love it. It’s something I adapted on my own that works for me. Just remember, the key to getting shredded is in ​THE DIET​. My buddy Aaron Darko who put together ​this Alpha Shredding course​ which is where I learned all about intermittent fasting from, he only does abs or cardio once a week, and he’s shredded like a MOFO! He’s the one who inspired me.

So it goes to show you, with the RIGHT DIET, regardless what type of exercise you choose to do that’s best for you, you’re going to see results...PERIOD!

Should You Take Supplements? These are the supplements I take everyday to help me build lean muscle, burn fat, boost my immune system and prevent my muscles from being used as fuel. ​(I mix them all with 9.5 ph alkaline Kangen water.) They help immensely and I advise you take them too... but of course you don't have to. But if you want to maximise your shredding potential then you should take them or at least try them out! If you don't like Whey Protein you can get Plant Based Protein (just search on Amazon)

3 Supplements I’m taking: ● Protein Powder (100% Whey Protein Isolate) ● BCAA’s (​Branched Chain Amino Acids)

● Glutamine (Boost the immune system)

Important Note - Flexibility and movement are both ​highly important to me​. I’m NOT willing to sacrifice my flexibility and movement for bulky muscles just to look cooler and bigger than the next guy.

I’m proud to say that not only have I maintained my flexibility and movement 100% since Alpha Shredding, however, ​I have increased it​. This is why it’s so important for me to ​stretch daily​ (which I don’t count as working out). I typically spend 30 minutes daily doing yoga and another 30 minutes daily doing soft qi-gong. This allows me to remain soft and flexible while building muscle and getting SHREDDED. I genuinely hope you enjoyed this Cheat Sheet and got a ton of value out of it. This can be the beginning of an exciting new fitness and lifestyle journey that I promise WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE if you commit and make it happen. I’ll be the first one to tell you ​it wasn’t easy​. In fact, some days were really tough, and some days still are. I remember one week my abs being so sore

from ab-rolling that some days I contemplated skipping my daily workouts...but I stuck with it, never quit and gave it my absolute best everyday. I know if I can totally transform my body in 90 days, that ​it’s possible for you too​. This is so much more than just another diet or weight loss plan, this is a ​LIFESTYLE​. The feeling of being in shape is PRICELESS, something money literally cannot buy and something EVERYONE deserves to experience. Hey look! The bottom line is this...​I cannot do your push-ups for you​ but as you can tell I am pretty darn PASSIONATE about helping you get shredded so that you too can become the greatest version of yourself. This is called paying it forward​. I created a private ​Facebook Group​ dedicated to helping you along your journey because I understand it can take some support encouragement and guidance along the way. Request to join my Shred Alchemy FB Group. Looking forward to seeing you in the group, embarking on this incredible fitness journey together and helping you get SHREDDED. Cheers to yours in Fitness, Health and Passion! ~JustinVerrengia

Shred - PDFCOFFEE.COM (2024)
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